Your Club Needs Your Vote!

Your Club Needs Your Vote!

The HSST Planning department are keen to remind people that the forthcoming local elections are important for the club and it's long term future. After members of the Trust visited the Major recently in Dudley he reminded them he will be stepping down and will become a councillor again and will continue to help push for a new home.

He told us that once he returns to being a councillor he will continue to help us; I don’t know about you but that sounds awesome to me.

This is where you come in. If you’re lucky enough to have a councillor knock on your door for the May elections, ask them where they stand with speedway and the possibility of a speedway track being built nearby. If they put a flier through your door with a telephone number or email address on it, contact them. The Trust are doing their best to put the Cradley name out there but with help from you, the fans, we can have a bigger impact. Bug them (in the nicest possible way), ask questions, and make them give you answers – make them accountable.

When you’ve done this, give us feedback. Send any information to the Trust email ( or send a message on Facebook. Give us the councillor’s name and thumbs up or thumbs down and any comments they make. Before the elections we’ll post any information we have so that other fans can make up their minds about who they vote for.

The most important thing though is that you let your councillors know how you feel, tell them you’re going to share their view with other Heathen’s fans because together we can make a difference.

It’s your speedway club and it’s time to bring us home.

Don’t be afraid and in the best possible way—push the boundaries.

Thanks Mark [HSST Planning]