Heathens Speedway Supporters Trust Team


Chairperson – Tracey Robinson Rivers

Hi, I’m Tracey and I have been supporting the Heathens since the Golden Hammer of 83 and have never looked back.

Most of you will know me from shouting 50/50 as you enter the track on a Cradley race night or part of the ‘Ollie ‘Ommer’ team. I really enjoy being part of the speedway family as I have met some great people and I know I have plenty more to meet!

I am committed to this Trust Board (as are all my fellow members) to work with Cradley Management to bring Cradley a new home of their own.


Vice Chairperson – George Humphries

Hi, I’m George. I have been a Cradley fan since the 60’s. I started the petition to save Dudley Wood. I am a Heathen through and through.

Secretary – Neil Saunders

I’m Neil and I’ve been a Cradley supporter since 1970. I was born in Netherton and attended Dudley Grammar School, subsequently attaining a Law Degree at the University of Wolverhampton.

I am currently employed by Western Power Distribution as a Consents and Wayleaves Specialist. I am married to Pam and reside in Kingswindford. My hobbies include astronomy and travel. I’m also a member of Worcestershire County Cricket Club and a West Bromwich Albion season ticket holder.

Treasurer – Jacky McNaney

I’m Jacky and I’ve supported the Heathens since the age of 5 (too many years ago to count) when I was taken to my first meeting at Dudley Wood as a treat one Saturday night. Since then I have followed the Heathens home and away and followed speedway to Intercontinental Finals, World Finals and lately GPs in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland.

I first started getting involved with the supporter’s side of things when Dudley Heathens started back, firstly helping out at HSSC and then ‘The Little ‘Ommer’s Club’ where we have met some lovely children and their families and shared some fun times at events.

I’m a full time home carer which is a job I love. I’m grateful that I’m still able to do the two things that mean a lot to me. Of course, like every one of you, I’d love to see Cradley have their own home again.

Events – Jackie Mason

I’m Jackie Mason and I’ve been supporting Cradley all my life as my dad took me from when I was a week old! Some of you may know me from helping out Ashley Morris and before him Jonathan Forsgren. I’ve helped with the supporter’s club before arranging events and coach travel.

I’d class myself as artistic as I do enjoy drawing and painting. This suits me with my job working with high school kids as the Art Technician and in the classroom as a Teaching Assistant.

I enjoy socialising with friends and will talk for England! I’m not shy to speak my mind and I’m happy to chat to all fans.

Like my fellow Trust Board members, I’m here to make a difference and get Cradley back to where they should be. ‘Ommer Um.

Membership – Kim Guest

I’m Kim Guest and I’ve been a supporter of Cradley Heathens since the early 60’s. My children were taken to meetings in their prams at a few weeks old, just like my grandson is today.

In my spare time, when I’m not watching my beloved Heathens, I dance with a lovely group of ladies. We call ourselves Habibi from Cradley. We belly dance Cradley style! We travel around the country dancing to raise money for different local charities. The most that we have raised so far was £5,000 for Georgina Day Care Unit, Russells Hall.

Fundraising – Gill Munford

Hello, I’m Gill and I’m now officially retired. I’ve previously had many jobs ranging from a mortgage advisor to an Ann Summers planner.

I like speedway, Moto GP, Formula 1, Banger Racing and horror movies. I support Cradley Heathens, Wolverhampton Wanders and I enjoy gardening, cake making, decorating and DIY. I’ve been married to Chris since 2004. I love dogs, chocolate and snow and my wish list includes to travel Route 66 in America, have a go on a bobsleigh, ride roller coasters around the world and of course to see Cradley Heathens get their own track again.

Media – Neil Skelding and Kay McNaney

Hi, I’m Kay and I’ve supported the Heathens since my family moved to Dudley Wood in 1968 (not so much when I was younger because I preferred to watch West Brom with my uncle!), I do however remember rushing home from infant school so that I could watch Bernt Persson work on his bikes in his workshop inside the stadium. I’ve followed speedway home and abroad going to World Finals, Intercontinental Finals, and Continental Finals. I have many happy and funny memories from these travels.

This year would have marked my 26th year of being a teacher but I’m unfortunately not able to work anymore because of a serious lung condition. I’ve worked in 8 different primary schools including spending 10 years working in North Carolina, USA.

I enjoy traveling, calligraphy, painting (both for art and decorating!), reading, I’m a former season ticket holder at West Bromwich Albion (again my lung condition stops me from going now) and drawing. I like to keep myself to myself so don’t be surprised if you don’t know who I am! I have however helped with the ‘Little ‘Ommer’s Club’ as their photographer so you may be used to seeing me behind a camera!

I’m proud to be part of the Trust because I’m confident that we all have the commitment to work together, and in conjunction with the Heathens management, for the good of the Heathens and we will do all we can to get them on their own track again. ‘Ommer Um.

Planning – Mark Robinson

I’m Mark and I’m in my third term on the Trust and I am passionate about this great club.

I was born just behind Scotch Mon’s Bonk, next to the Hollybush public house. My integrity is everything to me and I have an opinion on everything speedway and trust me I’m happy to give my opinion!

This Trust has helped me no end in ways I can’t even begin to explain in this profile. I am as passionate about this club today as I was when I first put on a Heathens race jacket.

I’ll endeavour to do my best because that’s all I know how to do. ‘Ommer Um.